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United States
Herro ^.^
Hey, I'm Arizona. I love Macro/Micro stuffs and anime/cartoons. I like to draw all kinds of things!
Tagged by :iconhithereallyall:

I apologize for the delay, life waits for no one ;w;

You have to share 13 things about yourself
You have to answer the 13 questions I asked you and invent 13 more to ask the 13 people you tag.
Choose 13 people
Legitimately tag 13 people (Probably not)
You can't say you don't do tags
Tag backs are allowed (Nah)
You must make a journal entry, and only comment if it's about this!
You have to finish dis in a 2 weeks. (If you're tagged, you don't have to make one sillies)
Be creative with DA title, no I got tagged things.
Cursing is allowed.

13 Things About Me:

1. My real name is Arizona, but I've never been there.

2.  I was born with closed tear ducts, which means I couldn't produce tears. 

3.  I can't eat gluten.

4.  I'm right handed, but my left hand is stronger due to playing bassoon and saxophone.

5.  My mom's side of the family is German, my dad's is Danish.

6.  I have a Majora's Mask and a Sheikah Tribe symbol as decals on my car.  And they look fabulous.

7.  I live on a farm.

8.  I was born with a learning disability and an anxiety disorder.  I have overcome many obstacles that come with these deterrents, but they never really go away.

9.  Someday I want to live a lifestyle that involves little to no animal products.  For cruelty, health, and environmental reasons.

10.  I almost joined the Marine Corps when I was 18 so I could play in the band.

11.  I have one more semester of college before I get my Bachelors.  

12.  Dancing and swimming are my favorite forms of physical activity.

13.  I want to join the Peace Corps and work with children in Namibia.

13 Questions I've been asked:

1. What is your opinion of the music of today? The 90's? 80's?

I've always enjoyed the rock and grunge that emerged from that time.  I like a broad variety of things today, but most of the music on my playlist is pre-2000

2. Do you have any pets? What kind?
I have 30 chickens, a german shepperd and a bunny >w<

3. Mocha or caramel? it free?  

4. Sweet or sour?

5. Warm weather or cold weather? Why?
In the middle.  Spring and Fall are my preferred seasons.  

6. Giants or tinies? 
I love everyone, but I really love Giants x3

7. Are you a gamer? Favorite game? 
My steam lineup is pretty pathetic, I only play a handful of games >///> But I do enjoy gaming.
League of Legends, Kingdom Hearts, TF2, Soul Calibur III, SSBM

8. Tea, coffee, or pop (soda)?
I never really drink soda, and I like tea now and then.  Coffee is a daily ritual.

9. What's your favorite color? 

10. Looney tunes or the Loony toons show?
Definitely Looney Tunes, but I think the show is alright.

11. Favorite TV show as a kid? 
Wow, that's tough.  Probably Batman the Animated Series and Courage the Cowardly Dog.

12. Favorite thing to do in your free time?
Doodle, dance, game, be outside.

13. Ice cream or cake cake cake? 
Ice cream cake, best of both worlds.

My 13 questions for you:

1. Name the first classical composer that pops into your head.

2. Beach or Mountains?

3. 1 fictional crush you have right now.

4. Favorite blend of colors?

5. When are you the most creative/productive during the day?

6. Last manga/comic you've read?

7. Naruto or Bleach?

8. Markiplier or PewDiePie?

9. What gaming console can you not live without?

10. What was the first video game you saved your money for to buy?

11. Bass or Treble?

12. Any other language that you speak (or are currently learning)?

13. Favorite scent?

I tag: :iconraksr:   :iconearwiggy:  :iconshardo: :iconspottedalienmonster:  :icongoskykid: :iconlumieredarling:  :iconmonochromesky16:

Don't feel obligated to do this, it's just for fun ^^
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